Retainer Information

Retainer Information

The start of any business stems from an idea to fulfil a need to consumers in the form of services or the provision of goods (merchandise). While the idea seems pretty straight-forward, it requires a few pieces coming together smoothly to bring the business idea to life. Along the way, you will have questions and nothing provides piece of mind like a consultant. Someone who understands and can assist you all the way fron the start of your business to your day-to-day operaitons. This is where hiring a consultant and placing them on a retainer adds more value to your business.

You can hire us under a retainer fee. A retainer fee is an upfront cost incurred by an individual in order to pay for the services of a consultant, freelancer, lawyer or other professional. A retainer fee is most commonly paid to individual third-parties that have been engaged by the payer to perform a specific action on his behalf. Simply put, your paid monthly retainer fee allows you to call us anytime with questions regarding your business needs.

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